“From Our Family Farm To Your Family’s Table”


About Us

Great Lakes Poultry is a family owned and operated business that has been in operation since April
2007. With over 50 years in the meat industry, our family strives to provide our consumers with excellent
products that remain true to the “farm to table model” that we’ve implemented from day one. At our
facility, we humanely process high quality chicken that are raised in our very own farms. We take pride in
our commitment to our ethical process and can claim that our chickens are raised without antibiotics, on a
strict vegetarian diet, and are given cage-free roaming.


Our Family History 

It all started back in 1954 when a Gary, IN Highschool Science teacher decided he wanted to purchase a farm. George Lilovich went looking in LaPorte, IN for a plot of land where he and his wife could settle down and raise a few animals. To get started, his wife asked him to go and get a few ducklings at what was then called “Great Lakes Duck Farm”. As his wife Anne would say now, “I asked him to go buy a few ducks… he came back with the whole farm!” George and his family ran Great Lakes Ducks for 15 years until he ventured off into a bigger project, George’s Market, in Chicago. Around the opening of George’s Market, his 5 children, John, Steve, Susie, Dave and Joe began to come of age and help with the workload. Today the new generation of grandchildren are beginning to take their hand at the business while keeping the same mentality and work ethic that was instilled by George all those years ago.